At RevComm Consulting, we believe in the strength that comes from collaboration. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our clients and audience to our partners page, this page will be a great resource to our esteemed partners who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Benefits of Partnerships:

  • Amplified Expertise: Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring you receive the highest quality of service and solutions.
  • Expanded Resources: Our partnerships open up a world of resources, allowing us to offer you a wider range of cutting-edge products and services.
  • Innovative Solutions: By combining our strengths, we can develop unique, tailor-made solutions that address your specific needs and challenges.
  • Larger Reach: Through our network of partners, we can extend our reach, providing you with access to markets and opportunities on a larger scale.




NexusTek’s IT assessments are systematic, thorough reviews of your company’s environment and technology systems that allow them to ascertain your current IT reality across various domains. NexusTek then identify corresponding solutions to produce superior outcomes, such as increasing return on your IT investment, bolstering cyber security and resilience, or better leveraging technologies for attaining business goals.

Financial Services



Now CFO provides immense value by taking a unique approach to analyzing company financials from the bottom up. They provide in-depth insights on the entire lifecycle of the customer journey, from the initial touchpoints to the completion of a purchase. Their team of professionals ranges from staff accountants to Controllers and CFOs. Whether your organization is a small start-up or a major corporation, NOW CFO is dedicated to delivering the results you are looking for.

Tax Services


LongTerm CPA

LongTerm Founder, Kenneth believes that there is a lack of tax planning for start-up and emerging business, and a lack of excellent customer care that business owners deserve. LongTerm believe your trusted tax advisors should be part of your business as it is going through the cycles – LongTerm CPA is a good fit for individual tax clients who don’t have a registered business. They reserve a special place for individuals with job(s) and/or side hustles who have tax issues, deserve excellent customer care and need tax planning.

Nonprofit Solutions


Launa Wilson Consulting

Launa Wilson has a simple philosophy; to analyze, identify, advise, and execute. Her approach every client relationship as a long-term partnership. Her consulting work always begins with a detailed assessment to fully understand where your organization is and where you want it to be.

Launa Wilson LLC offers professional guidance, training, and coaching for boards, executive leaders, and staff, and will also create and execute organizational and/or project plans to ensure that your intended developments are successful.

Business Solutions


Uniko Biz Solutions

Uniko Biz Solutions prides itself in offering the best in resources from HR solutions to IT solutions. They are dedicated to serving the needs of their customers each and every day. UNIKO started operations in 2005 and has been helping small business maximize their potential. At UNIKO they understand that time is a valuable commodity. Let UNIKO take away the mundane tasks from your daily routine, so that you can “Maximize Your Potential”  in what you do best.