Our competitive rates are typically on a per-project basis or retainer agreement. We tend to avoid hourly partnerships to prevent the concern of capped hours combined with a time sensitive project, such as a grant deadline. Each project is based on an agreed upon scope of work and detailed timeline.

It all depends. Some projects are deliverable focused and last as short as one month, while some retainer agreements maintain a long-term partnership over the course of many years. The RevComm team prides itself of being a true partner with client agencies and works with nonprofits of all sizes.

RevComm Consulting is mission agnostic. We work with any nonprofit organization that wants to make positive change.

RevComm Consulting works with organizations throughout all phases of development, from startups to established nonprofits. We have serviced organizations from volunteer driven with an annual budget of a few thousand-dollars to organizations with several million-dollar annual budgets.

The entire RevComm family! Each project is a collaborative effort, which brings a wide-range of experience, background, and solutions to your needs. While you will typically have one project lead, the RevComm team does a lot of strategizing and brainstorming behind the scenes to ensure you are receiving a premium service.

RevComm Consulting became an LLC in the summer of 2017. Initially headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, the RevComm home office is now in Riverside, CA. While a majority of our clients are in Southern California, RevComm is a national consulting agency and has worked with clients across a handful of states.

While RevComm Consulting is a privately owned LLC, we are excited to share that we are in the process of adding a 501(c)(3) arm to the work that we do – RevComm Foundation. Our 501(c)(3) entity will provide grants to new nonprofit organizations in support of moving their mission forward. Stay tuned for some big updates in 2021!

RevComm Consulting is family-owned and minority owned. Founders Crystal and Daniel Gonzalez are most proud of RevComm’s commitment to walking the journey with you. While we may be consultants now, RevComm brings over a decade of experience in full-time nonprofit employment, so we understand how nonprofits operate and what is needed to succeed.

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! Based on your need(s), we’ll need two items signed before moving forward – a formal scope of work and contract agreement. Retainer agreements are billed at the beginning of each month with a 15-day payment period, while project-based agreements require an initial deposit to begin services (typically 50%) with the remainder due prior to hand-off of the final deliverable. Preferred payment methods are Check or Zelle. If needed, payment can also be processed through PayPal or WaveApp, both of which will incur a 2.9% processing fee.

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