Services Offered

RevComm Consulting is dedicated to providing high-quality consulting services to

nonprofit organizations to help you further your impact and achieve your mission.

Let our experts lay the foundation for success so that we can join together to

revolutionize communitiesRead through our services below to learn how

RevComm Consulting can be a part of your community impact.

Grant Funding

Grant Funding plays a huge role in the financial success of nonprofit organizations. Our grant funding services include: one-time projects, foundation/corporate giving proposals; public RFP's; research; editing/technical assistance; and retainer arrangements.



A clear vision and strategic programs are essential in achieving your mission. Our Organizational Development/Evaluation services include: process improvement; organizational restructure; strategic planning; and program development and evaluation.



Our Information Technology services help to connect your data, team, and the community you serve. Services include: cloud-based system implementation and system re-configurations.


Marketing services strengthen your image and outreach through story telling and innovative graphics. Our services include: Brand Strategy bundles and Graphic Design projects. 

RevComm Consulting is passionate about social justice, and creating a community where children thrive and adults succeed. We are here to support your agency in making a positive impact in the world around you.

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